Chrome OS Flex Download, Install Guide, ISO & Everything

This article might help you get started with preparing Chrome OS flex bootable installation USB. This requires a few things which include downloading Chrome OS flex system file (the Image is in .BIN format instead of standard .ISO format).

Chrome OS flex, more like Chrome OS for non-Chromebooks. Running Chrome OS (unofficial) is not new but now it’s from Google itself, Google acquired Cloudready in 2020 (it was a project to bring Chrome OS to desktop) later Google named it Cloudready 2.0 which is also known as Chrome OS flex.

Get Chrome OS Flex ISO BIN system image.

📍You can get a downloadable system image from Google. (File size is around 1GB)

Burn it to USB using a tool like Rufus (a handy tool to create a bootable USB).

Please note that the article title might say you’ll get an ISO but it’ll be a .BIN (where files are stored in binary format) where files are usually compressed in an ISO.

Once you have this file, download a tool such as Rufus and burn it straightforwardly. Optionally If you’re using the Chromebook utility chrome extension, click the setting icon and select a local file option, choose the file that you’ve and start the process.

Google chrome os flex creating usb

That’s it now boot it from the USB with these common keys F1, F2, F8 – F12, ESC, and Delete. Optionally when you’re exhausted getting into the boot menu, try booting into BIOS and set USB to boot first.

Now boot from USB you’ll see a Chrome OS logo and after a few seconds the Welcome screen where you can configure the OS as per your choice.

Microsoft has been a bad boy when people try to set Google Chrome as their default web browser, it’ll be interesting to see the fight between the desktop operating system of Microsoft and Google. Google is better at the mobile android operating system, whereas Microsoft Windows have the monopoly.

We’ve had unofficial forks of chromium OS in past and even with Play Store and Google Assistant but Google officially releasing the OS to the public as a developer preview is another level of excitement. Forks such as FydeOS, ArnoldtheBat, and OpenThos look similar to Chrome OS but have their downs in terms of reliability and performance.

Google is supposed to support the majority of the hardware, and we might see better and refined builds of the same in near future. If the first unstable chrome os flex is this awesome and created a buzz in the market then take it for granted that it’ll surely make an impact to the deksoto users.

Linux has never been able to replace Windows, even when Microsoft is too cold-stoned for 3rd party browsers.

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