How to Install Cumulative Update CAB files on Windows 10

What is a CAB file and why should you care?

A .CAB file (cabinet) is a compressed archive that contains software installation files. This file type is commonly used by Microsoft Windows as it supports a number of compression algorithms, including ZIP, Quantum, and LZX.

Windows’s updates come in form of .CAB files through Windows Automatic updates and are installed automatically. If you wish you can manually get updated files from various websites as Microsoft releases them; once you have that let’s see how to install that file on your computer to dump the build number.i.e. If you download KB4577063 your Windows 10 will be updated to 19041.541

Gather CAB/MSU file

The first thing you need is is a cab file, it can be a cumulative update package from Microsoft catalog.

Also, advanced users who don’t usually wait for the public rollout of Windows 10 build updates can get MSU or .CAB files from various websites that generally post about this.

Installing Cumulative updates using Command Prompt

Download the .cab file, you may want to rename it to something simple e.g to

Tip: For easier workflow move the file to root c:/ directory.

Tip: For easier workflow move the file to root c:/ directory.

  1. Open a command prompt windows as Admin.
  2. Type cd /
  3. Type
    DISM.exe /Online /Add-Package /PackagePath:c:\
  4. Give it a few minutes to complete the process; then restart your system.
  5. Go to Settings > System > About to check the updated build number.
CAB installing with CMD

Use a CAB Installer tool; easier method

Rather a simple application that can dramatically sped-up CAB file installation with a GUI. That being said, this program makes it really.

  1. Get the latest version of Cab Update Installer from rg-Adguard. CTRL + L

One of the major benefits this will provide is that the system administrator can install care files without getting into DSM commands in Command Prompt.

For this tool to work you need MICROSOFT.NET FRAMEWORK 4.6.1 and when you run this select run anyway to execute the program in the case of WINDOWS PROTECTED YOUR PC WARNING APPEARS.

  1. Open the cab update installer program after you download it, make sure to open it as admin; right-click on it and select “run as admin…” the interface is a mere simple way to install Cab files on a computer.
  2. Browse the Cab file (cumulative update) which you want to install and select one from DISM or PackageManager. After that hit the “Install Update” button to run the update process, it might take around 5-20 minutes depending on the update and your system.

It’s much safer to rely on Windows Automatic updates to receive cumulative updates, particularly when you are using an older machine. There is nothing to worry about for those of you with high-performance processors and SSDs, and you can simply install any pre-mature cumulative update.

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