Android 14 Custom ROM Update Tracker 2023

Finally, Android 14 has arrived for android devices.

Google officially announced the Android 14 update in January 2023. Right now it is available for pixel devices and soon will roll out for premium flagship devices. The Android 14 is not available for the majority of Android devices because it’s currently in the beta phase and yet to be stable, however, we already have phones for which custom Android 14 ROMs are available. Let’s see how you can install Android 14 on your Android device and take this post as an Android 14 update tracker.

For the records, Android 12 is on 10%+ Android phones and the reason behind it is not all the old released phones get the new Android OS. The majority of the devices of the low and mid-segment barely get a single version update. While companies like MI, Realme, and Oneplus provide version updates for 2 to 3 years.

But with the Android 14 custom ROM available you can test and enjoy all the Android 14 features on the old device. Android 14 update is available for Google Pixel and other flagship devices but the developer community is quite large at this point in time. And it only takes a few days for a developer to build a Bleeding Edge Android 14 custom ROM for their preferred devices

Android 14 Custom ROMs: How to install?

Android 14 will get stable by the end of the year 2023, and then you can expect a rollout for your devices. Until then you can use a custom Android 14 ROM which includes new features such as music controls, different application languages, and a new UU interface. During the beta period, you might see new experimental features which may never make it to this stable version. But on the Bright Side, we get to see additional new features when their Android 14 version gets stable for public rollout. Phone manufacturing companies will then modify the Android 14 operating system and send to their users, this adds additional time.

Find all the custom Android 14 ROM available for different devices in the below table. You just have to download the file after that you can use a custom recovery to place it on your phone. But not every Android device can get this Android 14; devices buy Oneplus, Xiaomi, realme, Samsung, and some more have popular fanbases so they surely will get Android custom ROMs. For the time being there are Android 14 custom AOSP-based ROM available which we have listed below.

You must first download the custom file to install the Android 14 custom ROM. After downloading the file, you can easily install that file on your old phone and enjoy all its features. However, not all Android phones get support for custom ROMs. But, popular phones from OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Motorola will surely get Android custom ROM. The Android 14 custom ROM is already available for some smartphone models. We have listed them below.

Android 14 Custom ROMs Update Tracker:

More devices will be added when available.

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