How to Write 150% Faster with Voice Typing

Did you know you can write up to 150% faster and more accurately without looking at your keyboard ever again?

That’s right, with voice typing you can get a lot of help in writing long articles, essays, and reports.

You can suppose that if you have some papers that you have to type on the computer, then you can save your time.

You can dictate any papers you want to have on the computer which saves quite a lot of time. You can argue that it won’t be necessary or actual help up for you to dictate a single paper but if you happen to have tons of papers; typing through mouth sure makes sense.

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Voice IN – Google Chrome Extension

Google Chrome Extension, Free with Paid options

The first one is voice in by Labnol author Amit Agrawal. It looks like a better version of speechnotes; a Chrome extension that was pulled off from Store just to and then released as paid.

It worked really great in the majority of the websites in our testing; we were able to use it on WordPress’s Gutenberg editor, Medium, Google Docs. It fails to work on some-sites using complex text input such as notion (it’s a productivity tracker but futuristic) etc, however, you can dictate on such websites using the paid add-on.

It can be greatly effective if you change your writing from typing to voice dictating. Specially if you happen to be a writer, but it can be used by anyone who just wish to to type with their voice without having to touch the keyboard.

To activate install this extension on your Google Chrome and then you have two options you can either turn it on from the icons or you can right-click on any text input area and Select start recording to initiate voice dictating.

Google voice typing, voice dictating in Google Chrome, voice to text Windows 10
Windows Voice Recognition

Windows built-in tool | Windows + H to activate

The good part that it’s powered by Microsoft and built-into Windows; means you already have it on your computer. You just need to press the hotkey to activate and start dictating. In order to work you need an active-internet-connection and a good quality Microphone which we mentioned already.

Windows 10 now comes with a built-in voice typing feature that correctly understands what you say and turns that to text. You can activate it by pressing windows key + H button. Please do not confuse it with the older Windows speech recognition; which was a disaster then and now.

This is unlike the old Voice recognition feature which we’re still being served since the Windows 7 golden days, that was broken before, still is, in fact Microsoft stopped working on that and left it out like a old homeless dog; that nobody wants.

If I tell what effects it has had on me; since very starting I had to type with my keyboards, and being a lazy writer I found this method very useful not only I type quickly, also it saves a lot of time. The majority of articles you get to read here are written using voice dictating. The Speechnote extension helped me a lot in past, recently it was removed from the Web store to get replaced with a paid version. Since Google is planning the remove paid apps from the Web Store it’ll be interesting to see the future of it.

Google Docs
Google Docs, Voice typing CTRL SHIFT S

Google Docs officially have a voice typing feature enabled by ⊞ Win + ⇧ Shift + S that supports more languages, even you can type in your native language and later translate it to another language for speedy translations.


  • Typing with your voice is fun and productive at the same time, you can complete your work quickly and more effectively. Also, there will be less chance for errors if compared with keyboard typing.
  • Amit Agrawal’s Chrome extension works really well and accurately.
  • Accurate voice dictation requires a good quality dynamic microphone, you better buy a good quality microphone otherwise, the experience could be a disaster.
  • Voice Dictation is still in the early phase and you’ve to reply on Chrome Extension; while one or two are good and work well, it’s not the same for other tons of crap extensions.
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