Uninstall Edge Browser (Chromium) from Windows 10 2004

Update 8/2020: While the Uninstall may work for some users, we now have added a tool that blocks Edge Chromium. Get it from sordum.org.

Edge block

Microsoft is in the transition to replace Edge Browser based on Chromium with the old HTML-based Edge Browser (Edge Legacy). When this is done, Edge will be next to impossible to uninstall as it will be pushed and integrated on system updates.

Looks like it already happened, Microsoft locked new Edge browser in the system so you can not uninstall it anymore. Maybe the methods listed will be patched by Microsoft just to power the theory of Microsoft stuffing it to our throats and bloatware. New Chromium-based Edge initiative is really good, especially memory improvement and you can customize the new tab. Indeed Edge Browser is one of the top 5 Chromium-based browsers, it’s just users don’t like forced behaviors.

“We want to ensure all Windows customers have the latest Microsoft Edge browser for the performance, privacy, security, productivity, and support features it offers,” reads the Microsoft blog post.

While the new Browser showed better speed benchmark results, leaving Firebox behind. For some users not able to Uninstall Edge is going to be a bummer, making the browser look like Microsoft Bloatware.

Luckily, we have some workaround to Uninstall Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) they will work unless it’s busted by MS.

Uninstall Edge Chromium Using CMD

Update: looks like this method doesn’t work, at least not for me | Windows 10 2004 Enterprise. use the PowerShell method.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application then you have some version

Visit C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\Version\setup.exe
Open Command Prompt from the following location.

Type the following command and execute it: setup.exe --uninstall --system-level --verbose-logging -- force-uninstall

Hey! just an update, the Edge now uses msedge.exe so you should be using.

msedge.exe --uninstall --system-level --verbose-logging -- force-uninstall

Uninstall Edge Chromium using PowerShell

Update: Look like this method also busted by Micrsoft. If you try this you’ll get the following notice.

Edge Chromium powershell Uninstall Error

Open Powershell as Admin, Type the following to get the PackageFullName of Edge browser.

get-appxpackage *edge*

Now use this comamne append the Packagename with it.

remove-appxpackage Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_44.19041.423.0_neutral__8wekyb3d8bbwe

For example

remove-appxpackage Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_44.19041.423.0_neutral__8wekyb3d8bbwe

If nothing helps

If you tried everything but nothing worked, maybe it’s too late Microsoft already patched many methods to take out Edge from Windows 10. When you use Windows it’s fine to have something on your computer that you won’t like.

When you’re not ready to shift to new Edge Browser all you can do is, factory reset the browser and don’t touch it. It will do ntohing unless you hop on into it.

If Microsoft is asking to make Edge your default browser, simply say No and get back to your work.

Can I get back Edge Chromium

Follow this step to reinstall if you regret uninstalling it, or maybe you’re testing things out. The new Edge Browser is indeed better, but is it better than Chrome? we’ll find out soon enough.

  1. Head to the Microsoft Edge page, Download, and run it.


Microsoft is hard when it comes to choosing your preferred application, do you know Microsoft never allowed Google Chrome into Microsoft Store starting Chrome should be re-written in their language standards, but see the irony, they changed Edge Browsers engine to Chromium. and now stuffing the Edge Browser to users and won’t even allow to uninstall it, we get it it’s important as a company to have their products rooted into their OS. but they never allowed Chrome to be in their Store now they are using their open-source browser engine. it’s cool! sadly we cannot do anything.

The story is updated to add more methods to remove Edge Chromium since Microsoft is preventing from uninstalling the browser.

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