Stop Steam Auto-Updates for all games on Windows 11

Steam is a video game digital distribution service by Valve. It was launched as a standalone software client in September 2003. Steam is a cloud-based gaming library. One of its most popular features is the ability for users to use any computer to play games they buy/download to their Steam accounts. This also allows users to store a large collection of games without using too much computer memory. Steam offers digital rights management (DRM), server hosting, video streaming, and social networking services.

The Steam client automatically updates any game installed by default. Whenever Steam starts with a network connection or if Steam is running, then updates will be installed if available. Although this option is desirable for most users because game updates can introduce bug fixes, new features, performance improvements, and other useful changes, some Steam users may prefer to control the update process. It is a good practice to keep your software updated, sometimes you need the bandwidth for something else.

Why you need to turn off auto speed?

There are several reasons why should want to retain control over Steam updates. One of them might be to:

  • For avoiding wasting bandwidth when updating games you don’t want to play soon.
  • To avoid game updates that cause problems or unwanted changes.
  • To save bandwidth for other more important use.

Auto updates, in general, can be easily turned on or off in any app. However, that’s not the case with Steam auto updates because there is no option to fully stop the updates.

1. By Disabling Steam to run at startup

To disable Steam from starting up automatically when you turn on your computer. As you may have noticed, Steam tends to start up whenever you turn on your computer. Since Steam cannot update unless it is open, this method also addresses the issue very efficiently.

  1. Click on the Steam Client icon from the search box.
  2. Now Click Settings after clicking Steam present on the top right corner of the window.
  3. Then click on the Interface tab present in the left column of the Settings and uncheck the box which says “Run Steam when my computer starts”. Save changes and exit.
  4. Now Steam will only open when you open it yourself using the Steam client or by clicking any game.

2. By  Limiting bandwidth

This will ensure that Steam doesn’t consume speed greater than the one you specified and you will be able to perform other actions on the internet without any lag or delay.

  1. Open your Steam Client.
  2. Now, Click on the top left corner, you will find an option named Steam. Click it and from the drop-down box, select Settings.
  3. Navigate to the Downloads tab present on the left side. In the section of Download Restrictions, you will see an option of Limit Bandwidth.
  4. Click it and you will be able to access a drop-down menu consisting of different speeds.
  5. Chose the one that suits your internet connection. Save changes and exit.

3. By disabling automatic update for a game

There is no option to disable game updates for a game in Steam. In order to keep a certain game from updating, you have to change when it updates and pause the updates before they’re downloaded and installed.

  1. Open Steam Library
  2. Now, Right-click on the game you want to change the settings of and select Properties.
  3. Once Properties is opened, head to the Updates tab located on the top of the window.
  4. Now you will see an option regarding automatic updates. After you click Automatic Updates, a drop-down menu will appear and you will be able to choose from three options available.


Steam provides updates for their game for various reasons, anti-hack and anti-cheating updates being one of the more important ones. Game development companies may also need to push an update from time-to-time and if Steam gives users an off switch, developers may look for other ways to restrict play when a game isn’t up to date.

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