How to Root HTC One M10 with PC/ No PC Methods

The New HTC One M10 is launched, Htc released a video recently. Here is How to Root Htc one M10 with various methods.

How to Root HTC One M10 with PC

First download these file, as they are required to root your smartphone which is HTC One M10 in this case. The steps also work on similar variants of this phone.

A total of 3 or 4 files is required, Download them here.

#1. Fastboot Zip – Will make a connection to your phone and Computer.
#2. Twrp Recovery – It will be installed on your phone.
#3. Supersu Zip – This will manage root permissions.
#4 ADB Driver (If not installed on your computer).

Installing SuperSu with TWRP recovery.

Step 1.  Download the ADB zip and uncompress it on your computer. Also, extract TWRP recovery zip. ( Extract the twrp zip and rename the file inside just twrp.img  for ease.
The overall folder will look like this,

Root HTC 10

(ii). Download SuperSu zip and place it on your Phone’s internal storage.

Step Extra. Enable USB debugging on the device. (Optional)

(ii). Enable OEM unlock in the Developer options settings on the device. (Note: Not all devices have this setting, so continue with next step if yours does not.)

Step 2. Switch off HTC One M10 and start it by pressing Power + Vol. Down button → it will open fastboot mode. 

And Connect the device to the computer through USB.

Open the folder on your desktop, Now hold SHIFT + Right click the mouse and choose “Open command windows from here.”

Step 3. Make sure your computer has working fastboot and adb, for that type this command as soon the Command Prompt windows will open.

fastboot devices

If you see your device’s number, typically you’ll see some numbers, then everything is right until now. If you don’t see anything, You need to download ABD installer (#4), if you don’t have on your computer.

Now type:

fastboot boot twrp.img

Wait for some moments, and you’ll see a successful message. Right now your phone will auto opens the twrp recovery menu.

Next tap on install → locate SuperSu zip → Flash it → Reboot phone.

You now have a rooted M 10 phone. Find Root apps to install to unleash the power of Android.

TIP 1. To permanently install TWRP recovery type this command, “fastboot flash recovery twrp.img”. This is not recommended because you just further repeat steps to access into TWRP menu and install something like Custom Roms etc.

Root HTC One M10 without PC

Download iRoot and install it on your Windows computer. After open installation iRoot and connect your HTC One M10 with a USB cable to your PC. Now click on ROOT button and wait for some time for results. There is a 90% chance to root successfully with this method.

You can also try to root your HTC One M10 with KingoRoot; the process is similar.

After rooting check the root status with root checker app. Download it here.

Install Kingo Root app. (Not recommended). (What needed – a good Internet network with good speed and some time.)
Download the KingoApp app from its official website. After downloading install the app.

Make sure you are connected to the Internet, because the app fetches workaround from its servers. It’s different for every phone.

→ If you are lucky, you will get a message saying ‘root can be possible’ even if you didn’t get the message, doesn’t mean you can’t root HTC one M10.

→ Click on root now button, it’ll take some minutes to complete.

In the end, it’ll show a message either successful or not successful. If you are rooted, you can use these Android apps specifically for rooted Android.

(the method 1 is universal, and you can try it with every Android phone)

But, if this method fails, you need to try the other method.

Method #3 (Official)

Root HTC one M10 via Fastboot method with HTC Dev Tools.

  • [message]
    • The HTC ONE M10 can be unlocked officially with the HTC Dev unlock tool. This unlocks method may have certain restrictions, such as not being able to flash a kernel via recovery (no longer applicable to 2013+ released devices) or no USB access to sd card in recovery.

Visit the HTCDev Bootloader Unlock website and follow the instructions there to obtain your unlock key and unlock your bootloader. If your device does not appear in the drop-down list, select All Other Supported Models.

Final Words.

That’s all we know. We’ll also update this post if we found an easier method to root Htc one m10 device. Until then explore your Android.

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