How to Fix Titanfall Origin Overlay is Disabled

EA desktop is the replacement for origin client, but many people still use it for its simplicity. Titanfall is one of the biggest games that is kind of the base of the Battle Royale game apex legend. If you are having issues with titanfall like of origin of a disabled you can follow these solutions to get rid of it.

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How to enable Origin Overlay in Titalfall game

Anyone using origin client can enable the overlay in any game by pressing the shift key and then F1. If you are playing titanfall 2 do you can open the origin in game from the game itself, follow the steps.

Start Titanfall 2,

  • click online Multiplayer option
  • press Invite Friends, and now you have Origin In Game enabled and ready to use 

#1. Remove temp files:

You can start by removing all the temporary files and folders to ensure they are not messing up with your game, the temp folder I have all the files to speed up programs think of it as a cache system. Removing temporary folder is quite easier let’s see how to get it done.

Open the Start menu and click on the Run option in the Run area, %temp% and open the Run field. Press enter to open a Temp folder. You can remove all files in this folder, and they can be skipped if any files are in use.

#2. Repair game

If removing temporary files doesn’t help out you can verify all the game files if they are correct and not corrupted. To do that you have to open up the game client and then go to the library select the titanfall game go to its properties and click verify game. The client will now check the integrity of the game files and if it finds a corrupted file a fresh copy of the file will be downloaded from the server.

Usually this step can take about an hour depending on storage device, unless you’re using SSDs this takes around half an hour to verify the files.

#3. Make sure origin in-game is enabled for game

Also, there is a General setting in origin settings where you can enable or disable the overlay. Also, you can specifically enable or disable in-game overlay for a particular game. Go to your games library and select titanfall, visit its settings switch to the overlay options, and from there ensure that it is turned on.

#4 Enable Origin In game for overall

Regardless of what you have opted for in a particular game if the general settings of origin in-game are disabled, they won’t work. So you also need to ensure that in-game overlay is turned on for general.

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