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July 2020 we are launching the Quicknol website, aimed to offer Tech Tutorials in a way that quickly solves your problems.

This site will have 2 main categories, first is PC which covers Windows and articles related to your computer. The Internet category will cover articles related to internet tools and software.

Some keynotes.

  1. Social channel for this website is just Facebook at this time.
  2. This site will work under Quickfever publication, but I hope other sites will work under this site someday.

Links and other.

We plan to use direct-links and avoid using 3rd party file-hosting sites to prevent annoying ads..


The number of Ads displayed on this website enables a stable environment for us. We plan to have one or two ad units on the article pages, and those Ads won’t come between you and the content on this site.

What does quicknol mean?

I thought about it as Quick’n’ol which means straight to the point articles. On the other hand, let’s say Quicknol will be easy to remember and I hope you will visit it daily.

Vultr VPS (or $100 credit for a month)

Purchases made from store links may give me some money.
(It doesn’t cost you extra, so please buy everything)

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