How to Enable or Disable Chrome OS Developer Mode

Chromebook is gaining popularity as a go-to device for student and people who likes simplicity. Chrome OS is an operating system that offers simplicity and the ability to do daily tasks without any issue. some Chrome OS users may want to extend basic functionalities to the next level for them the developer mode comes to play. This article is a quick rundown on how to enable and disable developer mode on Chrome OS.

What is Developer Mode?

developer mode on Chrome OS is intended for advanced users to allow them to install applications access advanced settings and completely change/replace the operating system. If you are not sure how developer mode works on Chrome OS you might end up ruining your Chrome OS operating system so first, we will understand the basics of developer mode and what it does on Chrome OS.

if you are running Chrome OS on Chromebook you will void your warranty but if you are using a variant of Chrome OS like Chrome OS flags on a Chromebook device there is no need to worry. another downside of entering developer mode is you cannot access your files during the period. Also, there is a risk of losing the files. Also, all the security features will be disabled so chances are your device will become more vulnerable to Cyber attacks. But if you decided that you need to enter into developer mode backup all your files to Google Drive or another cloud backup.

How do you enable Developer Mode?

now we have understood and have a basic idea of what developer mode is and what it does and the risk involved in the process, now let’s go ahead and enable this feature.

follow the instructions in the following order

  1. turn off your Chromebook computer running on Chrome OS flex.
  2. Press the power button.
  3. while your computer is booting up press ESC, Refresh/CTRL, and power button. (press them simultaneously).
  4. now press the control and D key any warning will pop up, if a verification message prompt appears it enters.
  5. your device will now restart and enter into developer mode.
  6. Press control and d and a pop-up will say that OS verification is off.

your device will be in developer mode and you can access the additional functionality provided in the developer mode.

How do you disable Developer Mode?

once you have added the additional functionality you might want to turn back to the regular Chrome OS functionalities.

  1. turn off your Chromebook or device running on Chrome OS flex.
  2. Press the power button
  3. you will see an OS verification is off message not press the space bar.
  4. your Chromebook will now do a factory reset and boot the regular setup screen.

now you have a clear idea of how to enable and disable developer mode on Chrome OS you can use this to tweak the operating system as per your need. If you need more help on how to effectively use in developer mode ask us in the comment section and we will try our best to help you.

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