Download OnePlus 10 Pro Fastboot ROM and Stock Firmware

You can find OnePlus 10 Pro ROMs and stock firmware here. A host of impressive features make this the latest addition to the OnePlus family. 6.7-inch screen, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 octa-core chipset, and up to 12GB RAM/256GB storage makes the OPPO RX1 an outstanding flagship competitor. The biggest downside might be its OS skin.

 Despite shipping with Android 12.1 right out of the box, Oppo’s ColorOS will be the system of choice, instead of OxygenOS. Be prepared to gain a bloated (and iOS clone?) experience. In terms of the software, this device receives regular updates. Due to its relative newness, its stock firmware would be hard to find.

Right now, it isn’t even on the official OnePlus website. In this guide, we will provide you with the direct server link for the update files. Also, we have converted the payload.bin file to Fastboot ROM which can be downloaded here (the reason why we did this is explained below). With that said, let us begin.

Manually Download Stock Firmware

Why is there a need to manually download Fastboot ROMs or stock firmware files when the OnePlus 10 Pro already receives the latest OTA updates? Several reasons might justify downloading the firmware and flashing/installing it manually onto their device. For example:

  • You can sideload the update ZIP file [on locked bootloaders] or flash it via Fastboot [unlocked bootloaders] if you didn’t get the OTA update but got hold of the ZIP file.
  • You can flash the stock firmware using Fastboot commands if you want to go back to stock after installing a custom ROM.
  • There could be a range of other reasons for you to download your device’s stock firmware/Fastboot ROMs as well, but these are the most important ones. Let’s get to the point and actually explain what the stock firmware and Fastboot ROM for this device are.

Payload.bin or Fastboot ROM: what are these

When you extract the OnePlus firmware, you will not find the IMG files. The payload.bin file will be what you get instead. OnePlus Payload.bin file will then need to be extracted to obtain all the firmware files such as boot.img, system.img, and vbmeta.img among others. It usually takes time to complete this process.

Thus, in order to simplify the whole process for you, I have gathered all the firmware IMG files and bundled them into one package. Therefore, after downloading this Fastboot ROM, you will see all of the files right there in front of you. While I would like to do it as quickly as the OEM releases updates, I might not be able to convert payload.bin to Fastboot.

Therefore, while the stock firmware files will be updated as and when OnePlus releases them, I may not upload the Fastboot ROM until after the original is released. Please use our reference guide to convert the files yourself. We have now gone over the download links for your OnePlus 10 Pro’s Fastboot ROM and stock firmware.

Download OnePlus 10 Pro Stock Firmware

OnePlus 10 Pro stock firmware can be found here. Once you have extracted the payload.bin, you can then extract the resulting partition IMG files. Furthermore, these are direct download links from the OnePlus China servers (since only the Chinese version of this device is available at the time of writing). Steve0007 is an XDA Recognized Developer.

OnePlus 10 Pro ColorOS 12.1 A.09

ColorOS China Server 1: Full
ColorOS China Server 2: Full
ColorOS China Server 3: Full
ColorOS China Server 4: Full
ColorOS China Server 5: Full

Download OnePlus 10 Pro Fastboot ROM

You can download this OnePlus 10 Pro Fastboot ROM here. All you have to do is download it, extract it, and you’ll have all the files you need. Please share only the link to this post and not the direct download link if you are willing to share it across other forums. Thank you.

OnePlus 10 Pro ColorOS 12.1 A.09


I think that’s all you need to know about downloading OnePlus 10 Pro stock ROMs and Fastboot ROMs. Our guide will be updated with the direct download link as soon as the stock firmware is available. Please allow time for the Fastboot ROM to be uploaded. In that light, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. You can expect a response as soon as possible.

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