Double-tap to Google Assistant and more custom actions on Oneplus, RealMe, or any Android 7+

With Android 11 Google introduced a double-tap back gesture in Pixel devices to trigger certain actions including waking up Google Assistant, alarms, and many more. In this article, we will tell you how you can open Google Assistant by tapping on the back of your mobile phone twice.

TapTap app is a port of “double-tap on back device gesture” from pixel series. It was basically made for Pixel devices and works on Android 11 to Android 7.0+. It allows you to use the Google Assistant, and more (including pressing home, back, and recent buttons). You can block the gesture from functioning in situations such as when the screen is off when you are on a call when an app is open and more.

The application makes use of accessibility services to properly run in the background and it is based on the same machine learning code and TensorFlow model which was spotted on Android 11 builds and the code is directly lifted from GoogleUISystem

Head over to the TAP TAP app page at XDA, and get the latest version of the application. Install the application on your Android phone and go through the instructions, deceptive requires accessibility permission to run properly in the background.

Once you have Tap Tap Gesture APK installed on your Android smartphone open and allow everything it asks. Open the app and go to double-tap actions.

From here add Google Assistant using the “Add action” button. Also to prevent Google Assistant from accidentally triggering when the phone is off we added a requirement “Display Off” and now it’s should do the magic.

Double-tap at the back of your phone to launch Google Assistant, if you want you can set up other activities as well, a list of activities is the following.

  • Launch: launch application launcher shortcut, assistant, camera.
  • Utilities: launch reachability (for one-hand mode kind of experiment), flashlight
  • Actions: screenshot, open notification, quick settings, lock screen, wake device, home back and open recent button, split-screen, power menu, switch to last app, media controls, volume control, alarm control.
  • Advanced: Tasker

In addition to double-tap on the back gesture, you can also set up a triple-tap gesture and assign an activity to that. Though you will find this feature quite easy but it has a magical experience and you can share it with your friends too, as this is something normal Android apps don’t usually offer.

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