Best Android OS for PC reviewed: Phoenix OS, FydeOS and other

In this article, we talk about the best Android OS available for pc and how to install one on your computer. Running a mobile operating system on a computer is really easy and the ability to use those hundreds of thousands of Android Apps is cheery on top.

First of all, Windows is the widely popular operating system worldwide, followed by macOS, Linux. So let’s see what are Android operating systems you can boot on your computer or laptop with a USB drive. Also, you can install it permanently on a computer or better dual boot it with Windows. Here is a list of available Android OS you can boot on your computer.

Phoenix OS

This Android operating system works on the Android 7.1 version which you can say is the latest Android version, an old version is also available for download if you’re referring to an older computer, the older version is based on Android Marshmallow also can be used even if you have a modern laptop. Booting is similar to what you do with bootable Windows media. First, you have to go to the website, from there you will get an ISO file, save it by downloading it on a computer, and after that, use the Rufus tool to flash the data (ISO File) to USB drive. So that you can boot the Android OS on your computer with the help of this pen drive. It comes with some special features, a windows similar taskbar. The start menu has apps shortcuts and power options.

You can install any Android application and game by logging in to the Google Play Store on the Play Store, though some applications such as Which you will not be able to use due to hardware compatibility but do not talk about them running.

So far it seems the best Android OS for PC and laptops with regular updates and security patches. If you’re not afraid to deal with some Chinese text and apps you’re good to go with this operating system.

Android x86 Project

Android OSx86 Home screenshot running on a computer.

This is where you should start! The Android x86 project originally ports android for x86 and x64 Machines. The experience and looking will be almost identical to AOSP (an android open-source project). The recent version they ported is Android 9 at the time of writing this story. Use this port if you want near to identical Android experience, and yes Google Assistant works here with the “ok google” hotkey.

To start, grab a port of the Androidx86 System image, available for both 32-bit and 64-bit. We’ve given the latest links so you can quickly grab what’s required.

Download Android OS 9.0 ISO 64-bit (900MB)
Download Android OS 9.0 ISO for 32-bit (700MB)
More download options.

You can use Any USB burner since Rufus is our favorite we’ll use that to make a bootable USB.

Prime OS

PrimeOS is an Indian initiative to take on Android OS for the computers market. I have covered it on my other website and one thinks it is cool about it, no ads and no bloatware.

OS and After the demise of Remix OS, we were left with only one or two major alternatives. While Phoenix OS feels more like a Chinese candy stuffed with malware and bloatware and also ads. It’s a worthful alternative to PhoenixOS.

Offering functionality and a user interface like Windows. Use it would be much better, but if you want you can visit its website and download its ISO file, and that Installing your pen drive can ghost on your computer. The steps to make ghosts are quite simple. First of all, you must use a USB utility tool to select the ISO file in it and click on the Start button. Keep in mind that your USB device Now connects to the computer when the process is completed, turn off the computer and start again and press the continuous ESC or F12 button.

Booting Android OS on a computer from a USB

Installing Android OS on your computer is very easier you need to just follow these steps and soon there will be an Android application running on your computer. But first, there are two requirements.

  • Number 1. Android OS ROM file
  • Number 2. Rufus (to create bootable USB drive).

Step 1. Download any of the Android Operating Systems by going to their website and save the download file on your computer, you need ISO file if you downloaded a Zip file you need to extract the ISO file inside it.

Step 2. Open Rufus or other USB Utility tool.

(plug your USB drive)

Step 3. Select the ISO file by clicking the browse icon.

(If your computer supports UEFI firmware select UEFI firmware from the drop-down menu in the Rufus tool).

Step 4. Press the Start button and it will take few minutes to copy files to your USB device.

Step 5. Turn off your computer, start your computer, and when you see splash screen press ESC or F8/10/12 key, select your pen drive from the boot device selection menu.

Within few seconds your Android operating system will load and you need to follow the onscreen instructions including typing your name and connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

Final words

If you are looking for something different you should dump the windows or Mac OS and use the Android operating system. however, it is more likely that you will miss your favorite applications because you cannot use Windows applications on Android (but the opposite is possible with Android emulators)

To use any of these Android operating systems just go to their official websites to download ROM (ISO image file) later you can burn it to a pen drive to boot the Android OS. It seems like it big ask for the user coming to use Android on their PC for the first time and it is a bit tricky challenge especially if Google Play Store is not pre-installed, for tech-savvy people it is easy to side-load Android apps but it is going to surely put off some users. On the surface, the remix OS looks fantastic and does the job but it is still prone to different bugs, legs and errors because no one is going to like an inglorious Android operating system which oblivion without warning

But this is not the case with Android x86 built because the builds come pre-installed Google Play Store and you just need to enter your Google credentials to enable Google Play Store and functionalities– so you can download your favorite Android apps and games.

Frequently asked questions

What’s Android OS?: An operating system which is based on Android or Linux kernel is called Android OS such as Phoenix OS and Remix OS.

Wi-Fi, Sound, Bluetooth do not work?

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